Life changing videos

(made by other people)

I know reading is considered a superior form of information consumption, but these videos are overflowing with serious wisdom, and I'd be lying if I said that I read more than I watch or just listen while vacuuming or doing other things. 

Jordan Peterson on Dave Rubin 

I'm definitely a Peterson fan. I've watched all of his lectures, some twice, because his philosophy is the closest I've come to having an epiphany in years.  I can't recommend his videos, podcasts and books highly enough. This website and all I'm trying to discover about myself, others how to live and the state of the world has been heavily influenced by the work of Jordan Peterson. Yes, the website title too :)


Thomas Sowell - wealth, Poverty and politics

Thomas Sowell has changed my thinking on the importance of culture, on economics and the meaning of wealth creation. Modern economists seem mostly preoccupied with wealth redistribution, rather than the mechanisms of wealth creation. That's a very short sighted view and as Sowell correctly notes, wealth is by far not the natural state of man. Modern abundance is a blip on a radar that has registered the silence of almost continuous squalor and starvation. 

Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Sommers - modern feminism

The first time I said goodbye to feminism, I thought it was irredeemable. Hoff Sommers' take on what feminism still might offer is absolutely refreshing because it takes the paranoia and  the victimhood mentality out of it. In conversation with the incredibly entertaining and educated Camille nderlines the principle that the purpose of philosophy should be to strengthen the individual, not take down others. 


Tim FeRriss - How to apply stoicism in your life

Though Tim Ferriss is starting to look more and more like someone who grows his own wheatgrass and is recruiting people for his commune, his knowledge of stoicism is vast and practical. He sees the philosophy as a total human operating system that enables you to keep applying your wisdom under pressure.

Ryan Holiday - Keynote on Stoicism

Ryan Holiday is one of my favourite popularisers of Stoicism and he gives a great, condensed, perspective in this keynote. We don't control what happens to us, we can only control how we react. I write one sentence in my journal every morning: Every moment is an opportunity to act virtuously. It's not a quote, it's just my own distillation of stoicism to set me up to live right. To choose the high ground, even when the shortcut looks appealing.  


Jocko Willink / Joe Rogan - on Discipline 

If you can endure the fact that every second example is jiu-jitsu or MMA related, the Joe Rogan podcast has a lot of depth to it. Willink popularised the "Discipline equals freedom" dictum - the fact that excellence in anything requires showing up consistently. This gets bonus points for mentioning the "War of Art", a great book about creative work and the less glamorous labour of getting from 0 to something great.