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How to have an amazing relationship (it isn't what you think)

As the sex wars rage on, we seem to have not found either equality or peaceful coexistence. Many men still seem oblivious to their privilege - we can’t live with them, but we also can’t live without them. Have we kept the receipt? slaps knee

In this article I look at one potential fix for the tension, and it’s a surprisingly ancient trick. If you can do one thing for your relationship this. is. it. It’s quick, easy, incredibly powerful and uses household items.

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Dating in 2018 - The Harsh Truth

Dating has seemingly never been easier but frustrations with it are at an all time high. It feels like finding love is a thing of the past - the stuff of 90s movies, where Meg Ryan was adorably grumpy for all sorts of inexplicable reasons. Here I document my own experience in around two years of dating in London and pepper it with a bit of economics, evolutionary psychology and good ole common sense.

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