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There is no solution to your life

Many of us live with the expectation that life is solvable, that there are potential clear solutions to life's problems, and that this march towards progress is not only possible but necessary. We feel that there is a right answer waiting for us if we look hard enough.

We feel like we are supposed to have a calling.

We feel like we are supposed to find the one.

Like one day, somehow, we'll figure life out.

In reality, there is no solution to life’s problems, there are only trade-offs. What will you choose?

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The most powerful books I've read this year

This has been an incredible year. I’ve started this blog, confronted a fair few demons and had adventures galore. I also learned a lot from the simple act of doing hard things but also by reading amazing books. Here’s my year end roundup of the best books I’ve read in 2018 and what I’ve learned in actionable little morsels, so you have some inspiration after you wake up from your New Year’s coma.

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Change of habit - 10 reasons why you need to read Atomic Habits

I’ve been a habit change junkie for quite a long time, but no book has ever set the bar so high with crystal clear, actionable advice than Atomic Habits, by James Clear.

Atomic Habits has added so much to my understanding of myself that I thought it would provide a great backbone to looking at the most important things I’ve learned about changing your habits. I’ve boiled it down to the 10 most useful principles/rules that I know work, because I’ve been the guinea pig for them.

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